Aluminum Stair

Aluminum Stair


You have more choices with OCTO. There is a choice of four different deck options, two stair options, and a full range of cantilever options.

Erection and dismantling costs are reduced through the reduction inf components and self-weight. Increased speed of installation and dismantling is achieved due to less weight and fewer components needed resulting in greater productivity.

The OCTO system includes a scaffold positional tool which enables scaffold configurations to be erected without the risk of fall from height. The erection process ensures that the permanent guardrail is fitted before the platform is installed, and before the scaffolder ascends to the next working level. It also ensures that the scaffold structure is automatically braced.

Item Number H L W Weight
In M In M In M Lbs Kg
SO-STR250 78-3/4 2.00 98-3/8 2.50 23-1/2 0.60 62.4 28.3
SO-STR250W 78-3/4 2.00 98-3/8 2.50 35-3/8 0.90 83.8 38.0
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