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Recall Notices


If you have purchased StepUp Stair Stringers between January 2013 and October 2016 please note stringers manufactured in several batches during that time period may have hooks that are prone to fracture and breakage due to impact.

We originally addressed this in 2016 and instructed those customers with issues to remove the stringers from inventory and destroy them.  At that time we did not require the physical return of the stringers.  Some of those stringers were not removed from inventory and have resulted in an accident where workers have been injured on a stringer that should have been destroyed.  Although we believe that the issue is limited to the batch numbers originally addressed, as an added measure of safety, we are recalling all stair stringers manufactured between January 2013 and March 2016.  Serial numbers are stamped on the side of each stringer as shown in Figure 1 with the manufacturing date code identified.

Inspect all StepUp manufactured Stair Stringers with the date codes listed above and remove any and all damaged equipment from usage immediately! Additionally, remove all stringers from inventory with serial numbers indicating that the date of manufacture was within the 01-13 to 03-16 time period.  Stringers with a number on top of the hook are not affected.

Please note that the hooks do not fail suddenly and will have a very visible crack across the inside width of the hook before failure occurs.  The hooks were analyzed by an independent test laboratory to determine the cause of the cracks.  A chemical analysis, load and design analyses were performed and the cause was undetermined but was not due to excessive load.  Though the design of the hook was not cited as the cause of the cracking, we redesigned all stair stringer hooks to be forged with larger inside radii.  These hooks have a serial number stamped in the top of them and, as noted above, are not affected by this Recall.

Once you have identified the stringers and removed them from your inventory, contact Nicole Doyle at (833)STEPUP-1 [833.783.7871] or to make arrangements for return and replacement.


For stair stringers that are currently erected on a jobsite and cannot be immediately removed, place tube and clamp tight to the underside of both stringers on the top and bottom as shown in Figure 2.

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