Side Bracket with Cup

Side Bracket with Cup


The OCTO system includes a scaffold positional tool which enables scaffold configurations to be erected without the risk of fall from height. The erection process ensures that the permanent guardrail is fitted before the platform is installed, and before the scaffolder ascends to the next working level. It also ensures that the scaffold structure is automatically braced.

All joints resist vibration due to their tamper resistant design, improving the overall safety of the scaffold structure. Joints can be visually inspected. The flush top joint enables even working platform which reduces gaps and potential trip hazards.

The 360° joint connectability enables versatility in structure size and shape. Up to eight components can be accommodated in one cup at the same level which provides almost limitless possibilities. This is a major advantage in an industrial environment where specialized structures are common.

Item Number L Weight
In mm Lbs Kg
SO-CB050 19-5/8 500 15.2 6.9
SO-CB070 27-1/2 700 17.9 8.1
SO-CB100 39-3/8 1000 20.9 9.5
SO-CB125 49-1/4 1250 24.0 10.9
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